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She comes from top golden retriever and poodle lines that have been researched back many generations for genetic diseases. With healthy genetics, a wonderful disposition, and an adorable face, Abria is the perfect package. She is a playful, happy go lucky dog who loves to be the center of attention. She never meets a stranger and gets along well with everyone, both human and canine. Abria is athletic and enjoys romping around the backyard with Moses as well as meeting neighbors as she walks around the neighborhood with us. She has a perfect personality, making her a wonderful family dog.

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Check the package for recommended daily feeding amounts, and talk to your veterinarian about adjusting your puppy's meals if it appears to gain too much or too little weight.

You will also see more color variation in the F1B generations.

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They definitely wasted their money, and like you said could have gone to a shelter and gotten the same thing for a better purpose.

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